Aggressive Design And Outstanding Quality

Nothing suggests exceptional power, aggressive design and outstanding quality as BMW brand in cars. Its logo is memorable and has as fascinating history as the famous car itself.

Having eye catching round shape with blue and white checkers with BMW letters on the outer rim. Strict and to the point.

The story of this one of the world’s most recognised logos in automotive industry is as captivating as the history of the legendary automaker. Actually it even contains a bit of intrigue about the white and blue quadrants in the middle.

The BMW trademark was officially registered in 1917 under No. 221388 by Franz Josef Popp. The original design featured BMW letters, the official name of the company, Bayerische Motoren Werke, and the inner part featured the Bavarian Free State colors - blue and white, although to use national symbols for commercial purposes was not allowed. Maybe that explained that the logo design remained quite obscure for quite some time.

The simple and understated design of the BMW logo acquires a new meaning in 1929, with aggressive advertising campaign which featured airplane with the image of the roundel on the propeller rotating at full speed. At the time of global depression looming the connection with powerful failure-free machines was exactly what market needed to see - the enticing story modern, innovative and reliable brand.

The campaign was so successful and its strong imagery made such a long lasting impression that nobody thinks of Bavaria anymore looking at the powerful logo symbol. The connection was so successful that it continued to perpetuate in brand public relations strategies and became a part of perceived brand history. After all, it is very easy to see the association, once noticed by the ingenious ad man who has designed the ad back in 1929.

As we see from the history, powerful branding works and brings with it added value, as it is truly expresses the company’s philosophy and level of workmanship.

Collection of BMW cases at LUXMART

BMW Branded Designer Phone Cases

The powerful story of the brand continues to develop every day with innovation, new technologies and and new models coming out. Those who appreciate the unique philosophy and image associated with the company now can enjoy the same smart design and excellent workmanship but on everyday accessories.

The BMW branded phone cases are a unique tribute to the powerful brand. The use of classic choice of materials such as leather, aluminium, carbon fiber adds that air of understated innovation, function and sophistication. As everything that comes from BMW the phone cases are well thought for real life. They are designed to fit well in hands of confident and powerful people and perform well.

At Luxmart we are proud to offer a licensed collection of BMW cases for iphones and samsung devices. Check out our handpicked collection for reliable accessories for sophisticated phone users.